Thursday, October 29, 2009

Look no hands!

This little stinker learned to sit up all by herself this week! She thinks she is as big as Anna Cate and seems so proud of herself to finally be "catching up."







Please let me take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest addition, "Lil troll." Ahem. As my grandmother likes to say, he's so ugly he's cute. He (or does the pink hair make it a she?) has been Anna Cate's constant companion since we found him last Sunday. When Anna Cate first introduces him, she will say, Daddy fall through the ceiling and white fuzz everywhere on the ploor (floor) and this lil troll fell down!

Translation: Will was up in the attic and accidently stepped off of the floor and through our laundry room ceiling. While we were sweeping up the pile of sheetrock and insulation, we found this little troll that must have been left behind by the previous owners.

I get tickled every time I hear her tell the story because she thinks it is some sort of miracle that this little troll fell from our ceiling and into our family. Needless to say, he is enjoying celebrity status right now. We'll see how long the infatuation lasts...


  1. What a cute story! They are so precious!! I just love Caroline's sweet smile in that picture!

  2. Your children are beautiful!!!!

  3. That is so hilarious!! Will told me about the ceiling, but not the troll. haha That's cool. Carolina's hair looks like it's growing out some! lol

  4. My mom looked at the picture and confirmed that that was my troll. She said I had a purple one just like it. Tell will no more falling through the ceiling, you might just find a purple one!

  5. I can't believe I had to read on a blog that Caroline's passed a huge milestone! She's sitting up?! Can't wait to kiss on those cheeks tomorrow and see her do it with my own eyes! :)