Monday, June 25, 2012

summer shenanigans

So far this summer...

we've been checking off our family summer to do list one box at a time

Group shot 
weekend away for Will with some of his bestest guy friends
{pic courtesy of Lucas} duh. ;)

fresh veggies from the garden

learning to ride her big sister's bike 

finishing up the playhouse with a fresh coat of paint and some pink flowers in the window box

catching bugs, crabs, lizards and all sort of little crawly critters

 scaring them half to death when we press our faces to the glass to "observe" them

lazy lake days!

this one is becoming fearless in the water

while this one tries her hardest to not get her face wet


evening boat cruises

Wrightsville Beach!

and fresh fish for breakfast


dancing on the dock in our pajamas...
and more soon to follow!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ok, last birthday post {I promise!} and then we'll move onto summer.  We had all of our families over for a BBQ the weekend between the girls birthdays to celebrate together.

The table for the guests of honor.


Caroline was just a little bit excited about all of the presents she saw piled high for her to open. 


I can't believe this precious, sweet girl is already 5!!!  I'm going to blink and then find myself helping her pack for college.

birthday2 birthdat12 

She is very quiet and reserved until she becomes familiar with her environment and then watch out! because she comes to life, full of expression, conversation, singing, dancing, and acting.  Bless her sweet heart, she is such a perfectionist and I hope she won't struggle with that as much as her mama has.  She is my constant companion and loves to help in the kitchen and around the house.  She is very wise and thoughtful for her age, and is developing a great love for others.  My heart swells when I see her reaching out to love on somebody who she sees is in need.  She is also patient, loving, and protective with her little sister.

And how has it already been 3 years since we welcomed this little bit into our family?

What joy and life she has added to our world! She is so full of spunk and mischief, but so tenderhearted and loving at the same time.  She is my cuddle bug and always wants to be curled up in my lap with a book or wrapped up in her pink blanket.  She adores her big sister and constantly surprises us with the things she teaches herself to do in order to "keep up"with Anna Cate.  She is always quick with a  compliment {you look so pretty in that dress mama} and fills my days with sweet sunshine.  She also keeps us entertained with her humor, as she is definitely the clown in the family.  I adore her sweet and spunky spirit and her little button nose!


Wanting to do something special for their cakes, I found this tutorial for making clothes pin dolls and used it to make some cake toppers.  We saved them and they now sit on the bookcase in the girls' room. 


The girls got to pick out what kind of cake they wanted and what color icing, but the dolls were a surprise! They were so excited when they saw them on their cakes.



bday party



We all look a little goofy in this picture, but it is the only one we have of the four of us from the party.
Here's to a fun year of being three and five!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bake the Cake relay race

This is the video of the relay race we had for the birthday party.  My favorite part is when Emmy cracks the egg on the side of the bowl and then drops the entire thing into the batter. Priceless!!
Thanks for thinking to get this on video Baylis!

Monday, June 11, 2012

cupcakery birthday party

We celebrated both girls' birthdays together this year with a party with their friends and then another party with our extended family. I know I said this last year, but this party was my favorite thus far to plan with the girls! :) They love to help me in the kitchen so we thought a bakery themed party would be a fun way to celebrate five & three.  


This was how excited they were about their "cupcakery" party.  So. stinkin. excited. :)
{You'll just have to use your imagination to provide the sound effects...high pitched squeals, giggles, and more squeals.}


We had the party on the front porch and used several Ikea Lack tables to make one table that was long enough for all the party guest to sit at together. (thank you Ashley!)  A roll of wrapping paper made a perfect table runner (a la TJ Maxx).

The jar of felt cookies was for party favors.
  As one of the activities, the guests got to make their own cupcake toppers.   In preparation for the party, Caroline and Anna Cate helped me punch the toppers from paint color samples (a la Home Depot) and we glued them to small bamboo skewers.  The little yellow and pink bags held stickers that the girls then used at the party to make their cupcake toppers. Fun and easy!

When each guest arrived, they got to find and put on their apron to wear.  


We colored cupcakes while we waited on everybody to arrive. 


Then enjoyed a morning snack.


Next we moved onto games!  We had a Bake the Cake relay race.  There were two teams and each team mate had an ingredient to add to the cake. 

I love the picture above because Anna Cate and Caroline are holding hands, Lil has that hand on her hip listening intently to the instructions, and Miss Hannah is sporting her cowgirl boots! 

And I love this picture even more!  
Anna Cate making sure that Caroline's feet are behind the pink line (once a big sister, always a big sister!) AnnaCate&Caroline-1908 

First ingredient to go in the bowl...the cake mix!

Next, add an egg...

...then some sugar...

...and some water...

 ...then stir!
Thanks to some quick thinking on Baylis's part, we filmed the race so I'll have to post it.  It is priceless!!

Next we played Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake

After the games, we moved back to the table to make our cupcake toppers and decorate our cupcakes!










Thank you sweet friends for coming to celebrate our special day with us!! 
And a great big thank you to my friend Lil who graciously provided all of these wonderful party pics for us!