Sunday, June 1, 2014






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1. sweet face that greets me each morning and after nap time  2. & 3. Storybook character parade at preschool  4. Baby girl quilt to welcome sweet little girl after three older brothers  5. those little fingers and little piggies - gah!  6. little green tractor in our yard   7.  encouraging her little brother's mischievous behavior   8. & 9. reading reading reading  10. new American Girl doll catalog in the mail always makes for a fun (and quiet) rest time   11. winter quilt...still a work in progress  12.  happy boy in his jumper    13. easter smocking x3 this year   14. American Girl Doll book club with sweet friends  15. supervising bath time   16. 17. & 18. Easter egg hunt at lake house with cousins

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Winter 2014



















January and February brought snow! Lots and lots of white, fluffy snow, not once but TWICE, and we all enjoyed getting out and playing in it.  Cozy winter days inside by the fire snuggled under quilts, watching the Olympics, enjoying the quiet, slow pace that winter keeps.  Lots and lots of snuggle time playing with Thomas. Sweet boy is already spoiled rotten, but who wouldn't be with three mamas taking care of his every need around the clock?
Santa brought Legos for Christmas and many an afternoon was spent building with them, not just the girls, but Will and I as well. I didn't really have them when I was little...who knew they were so much fun? And addicting! They even make them in girly colors know with little flowers and cupcakes and all kinds of cute accessories. 
Both girls learned to ride their bikes without training wheels in February too - another big girl milestone checked off the list.

Friday, May 16, 2014

her confession

When you are four years old and there is a pink bottle of  Cephalexin with your sister's name on it sitting in the fridge, apparently it makes you desperate for one yourself.  Its a sister thing and I remember it quite well, having two of them myself.

So there we sat, early Monday morning, over our steaming bowl of oats.  She complained of a sore throat and how much it hurt every time she swallowed.  Trying to do quick mental math, wondering how in this world she was just now coming down with it an entire week later when they had both been exposed at the same time, she sat studying my face.   I offered up a simple, Oh no, it sounds like you may have strep now too.



A pause

Mama, I have to tell you something.

"I have to tell you something" is always followed by something very interesting and enlightening by this child.

Yes Caroline?

A slight hesitation

Deep breath

And then she let is spill:
I wanted some pink medicine too so I started to use Anna Cate's toothbrush. But then, I heard you coming down the hall so I switched the toothpaste really fast onto my toothbrush but I still think I got her germs.

Now I did NOT see that one coming.

So much for trying to stay two steps ahead of this one.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

if not now, then when?


Because seven is looming on the horizon and the last time I was here she had just turned five. I blinked and just like that - two years, in a flash.

I kept telling myself I'd return when I was once and for all caught up with all the things that keep a mama busy. Yes, once I was ahead of the game, then I'd jump back in, but come to find out, as a mama you are never ever, not even once, ahead of the game. Life is to be enjoyed, with all the messy beautiful and if you wait to have it all together before you start enjoying, well, then it will be too late in the end. And I have been enjoying it with all my people, but I haven't been carving out the time here to reflect and record. For myself now and for the future me.

I may try to play catch up to bring this little place up to speed, or I may just jump right in with both feet of the life we have here and now.

only time will tell... but one thing is for sure. I will be back. And soon. Because if not, one day all this that I tell myself I could never forget, oh I will. My heart will long for it, the days we were all together under one roof, but the details will be forgotten. So I'll be back.

Soon. Very very soon.

Monday, June 25, 2012

summer shenanigans

So far this summer...

we've been checking off our family summer to do list one box at a time

Group shot 
weekend away for Will with some of his bestest guy friends
{pic courtesy of Lucas} duh. ;)

fresh veggies from the garden

learning to ride her big sister's bike 

finishing up the playhouse with a fresh coat of paint and some pink flowers in the window box

catching bugs, crabs, lizards and all sort of little crawly critters

 scaring them half to death when we press our faces to the glass to "observe" them

lazy lake days!

this one is becoming fearless in the water

while this one tries her hardest to not get her face wet


evening boat cruises

Wrightsville Beach!

and fresh fish for breakfast


dancing on the dock in our pajamas...
and more soon to follow!