Sunday, June 1, 2014






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1. sweet face that greets me each morning and after nap time  2. & 3. Storybook character parade at preschool  4. Baby girl quilt to welcome sweet little girl after three older brothers  5. those little fingers and little piggies - gah!  6. little green tractor in our yard   7.  encouraging her little brother's mischievous behavior   8. & 9. reading reading reading  10. new American Girl doll catalog in the mail always makes for a fun (and quiet) rest time   11. winter quilt...still a work in progress  12.  happy boy in his jumper    13. easter smocking x3 this year   14. American Girl Doll book club with sweet friends  15. supervising bath time   16. 17. & 18. Easter egg hunt at lake house with cousins

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  1. caroline looks JUST like you! can't wait to see you in person soon :)