Friday, May 16, 2014

her confession

When you are four years old and there is a pink bottle of  Cephalexin with your sister's name on it sitting in the fridge, apparently it makes you desperate for one yourself.  Its a sister thing and I remember it quite well, having two of them myself.

So there we sat, early Monday morning, over our steaming bowl of oats.  She complained of a sore throat and how much it hurt every time she swallowed.  Trying to do quick mental math, wondering how in this world she was just now coming down with it an entire week later when they had both been exposed at the same time, she sat studying my face.   I offered up a simple, Oh no, it sounds like you may have strep now too.



A pause

Mama, I have to tell you something.

"I have to tell you something" is always followed by something very interesting and enlightening by this child.

Yes Caroline?

A slight hesitation

Deep breath

And then she let is spill:
I wanted some pink medicine too so I started to use Anna Cate's toothbrush. But then, I heard you coming down the hall so I switched the toothpaste really fast onto my toothbrush but I still think I got her germs.

Now I did NOT see that one coming.

So much for trying to stay two steps ahead of this one.

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