Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ok, last birthday post {I promise!} and then we'll move onto summer.  We had all of our families over for a BBQ the weekend between the girls birthdays to celebrate together.

The table for the guests of honor.


Caroline was just a little bit excited about all of the presents she saw piled high for her to open. 


I can't believe this precious, sweet girl is already 5!!!  I'm going to blink and then find myself helping her pack for college.

birthday2 birthdat12 

She is very quiet and reserved until she becomes familiar with her environment and then watch out! because she comes to life, full of expression, conversation, singing, dancing, and acting.  Bless her sweet heart, she is such a perfectionist and I hope she won't struggle with that as much as her mama has.  She is my constant companion and loves to help in the kitchen and around the house.  She is very wise and thoughtful for her age, and is developing a great love for others.  My heart swells when I see her reaching out to love on somebody who she sees is in need.  She is also patient, loving, and protective with her little sister.

And how has it already been 3 years since we welcomed this little bit into our family?

What joy and life she has added to our world! She is so full of spunk and mischief, but so tenderhearted and loving at the same time.  She is my cuddle bug and always wants to be curled up in my lap with a book or wrapped up in her pink blanket.  She adores her big sister and constantly surprises us with the things she teaches herself to do in order to "keep up"with Anna Cate.  She is always quick with a  compliment {you look so pretty in that dress mama} and fills my days with sweet sunshine.  She also keeps us entertained with her humor, as she is definitely the clown in the family.  I adore her sweet and spunky spirit and her little button nose!


Wanting to do something special for their cakes, I found this tutorial for making clothes pin dolls and used it to make some cake toppers.  We saved them and they now sit on the bookcase in the girls' room. 


The girls got to pick out what kind of cake they wanted and what color icing, but the dolls were a surprise! They were so excited when they saw them on their cakes.



bday party



We all look a little goofy in this picture, but it is the only one we have of the four of us from the party.
Here's to a fun year of being three and five!


  1. what precious girls! love the sweetness in this post!

  2. Love the little crabs! I have not even sewn mine on ava's dress!! ahhhh!! I will one of these days. :) love this post too! what a beautiful family!

  3. Hey Mary Catherine! I'm assuming you made Anna Cate's dress - if so, what pattern did you use? I love it! Happy Birthday to your sweet girls!

  4. Hi Erica!
    I did make her dress, but didn't use a pattern! :( I found one similar for Caroline at a consignment shop and loved the style so I used it as a template to make a dress for AC. I love it because the smocking was minimal and its a perfect summer sundress, without being a dressy bishop. She wears it all the time! There are just three parts, the straps, the bodice, and then the rectangle for the skirt. If you'll send me an email, I'll try to trace and scan the template I made for the top and straps and can send you the steps I used to make the dress. Thanks for your sweet comment. :) Hope you and your family are enjoying your summer!!

  5. Thanks Mary Catherine! You can send it to Yay! A new pattern! Take care!