Friday, December 16, 2011


Her daddy's nickname for her is Trouble and for good reason.


Because the honey I found spilled all over the floor Sunday morning...


...and the "you know what" smeared all down the hallway to the bathroom on Wednesday night obviously wasn't enough trouble for this week.


I found her like this today when I heard her crying in her room while I was trying to get lunch on the table.
And what you can't see is the yellow puddle in the top draw that drenched all of her clean undies and pjs.
Don't ask, because honestly, I do not know how????
or more importantly, why?


  1. This is about the funniest post ever!!! It's easier for me to laugh at this stage in my life than for you, I'm sure! This will be awesome material for someone's rehearsal dinner one day!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family!
    Tricia Thain

  2. oh nooo! LM and Caroline are going to be double trouble...dare I say during the teen years.

  3. I can't even go there yet! oh my... and I also forgot to mention just HOW HIGH UP her dresser is!! It comes up to my chest, so she was pretty high up off of the ground. again... how??