Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hi and Bye!

Just popping in to say Season's Greetings! December is here and we are in full swing with all of our advent activities! No time to write much, but just want to share what all we've been up to.

Aunt D's brought us some cute t-shirts she made thanks to a little inspiration from Pinterest and we looooove them.

We decorated our tree on Friday and this was about the only picture I snapped.


I was having too much fun dancing around the den to a little Kenny & Dolly while we decorated the tree. My sisters and I listened to this music every year at Christmas growing up and I love it. It is so horribly bad and red that I can't believe I'm admitting this here, but I do! And even though he picks on me, Will has let make it part of our family's tradition to listen it to it while we decorate our tree. But don't let him fool you, he is there singing right along to all the words.
(DD & C: do you see this? do you see this?? This is going on the tree.)
I miss decorating the tree with you both each year!


That night we camped out in front of the tree while we watched White Christmas. This was the girls' first time watching it and they loved it almost as much as I thought they would. All the dancing and costumes...they were both mesmerized.

Anna Cate told me this was her favorite part of the movie. She loved Judy's pink dress and the way it twirled when she danced...me too sweet girl...me too!

Any free time we have, I have been here. Sewing ruffles. Lots and lots of ruffles.

And getting ready for a holiday market at LHS on Thursday afternoon.

There are doll parts scattered all over the house.

Anna Cate helped me stuff arms on Saturday afternoon during her nap time. We stuffed and chatted about what she is planning on getting Caroline for Christmas.

and I've been appliquéing some tea towels...

...more tea towels...

...oh, and did I mention tea towels?

All of this sewing brought to you by
I'm lovin it.
no really, I am.
Until this past week I think I've had a total of 3 cups of coffee in my life. I can't drink it because I feel too spastic and jittery. But this week the Peppermint Mocha has been a life saver and has kept me up waaay too long past my bedtime.

I'm hoping it will all be worth it in the end. Anna Cate has been helping me get things ready and is going to be with me on Thursday at our table. It is so important that the girls understand why we celebrate Christmas. That it isn't about Santa, the gifts, the lights, or the holiday songs, but about the gift that has already been given to us.

That is why we celebrate and we want them to focus on that for the holidays. Loving and sharing this gift with others.

The four of us each get to grant a Christmas wish for somebody else and Anna Cate is finally old enough to get it this year. :)
She looked through the Compassion catalog that arrived in November and informed us that she wants to give a pig to Pandimeena this year for Christmas.

I have tried to explain to her that we don't get to choose who the pig goes to, but I don't think she "hears" me when I tell her. So she has been diligently trying to help me get ready for the holiday market to raise enough money for a pig or two.

And you may wonder how on earth I can get sewing done with two littles running around the house?

they have been content playing dress up all. day. long.
about every 20 minutes we have a costume change, and yes, it does look like a bomb went off in the back of the house.

whoa! that is one deranged looking Cinderella!


I'll give you one guess as to who you think is a total handfull...


Caroline says "I have no idea?"
But I bet you need just one guess.


don't her eyes tell it all!

ok, back to the sewing machine. Be back soon with more holiday highlights!


  1. Laughing out loud over here at: 1. How wonderfully awful that Kenny and Dolly CD is but how much I love it anyway (my kiddos at school love it too!) 2. What Grandmama Crews must have thought about my terribly country accent telling her about tinsel (I think of that every year when decorating) 3. Caroline's face in the last two pics... Hilarious! Like she doesn't know just how big of a mess she is! Miss Innocent! Love you all! :)

  2. Agnes from New ZealandDecember 17, 2011 at 3:37 AM

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing!