Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Market Recap and Last Minute Gift Ideas

Let's talk shop for a minute, shall we? The holiday market last week was fun. It was the first time I've been back to the high school since graduation (almost 12...what??...years ago) other than to visit my mom's classroom. After setting up my table, I snuck away to the ladies room before the shoppers started shopping and as luck would have it, I was in the hallway right when classes were dismissed for the day.


It was surreal I tell ya! All I can say it I would be eaten ALIVE if I was in high school today. My how times have changed. And let me tell you how we also walked to school in the snow, uphill both ways. My don't I sound old?

But really, the clothes (how scandalous!) the technology (everybody is walking around with an ipad or texting on an iphone) the size of these students (I don't remember everybody being such giants!) What are they feeding these kids today?
Oddest of all was sitting there in the bathroom stall over hearing a conversation, only to realize 5 seconds later that it was in SPANISH.

And I'm not talking about, "Hey let's practice what we learned today in Miss Enzastigas class." goofing off. I'm talking, "we aren't from your country and don't want to speak your language if we don't have to" spanish. In a class of 500, I only remember one hispanic student who could fluently speak the language when we were there. Or maybe I just lived under a big rock. I sat there, mouth gaping, trying to decide if I was more shocked to be hearing a spanish conversation between two teen girls at the high school or because I actually understood the conversation (and that it took me a second to realize it wasn't English). I know Spanish was my major, so I guess I should be able to understand it ;) but it has been 8 years since I've been immersed and had any sort of practice at all.

The entire experience was just surreal.
But back to the market.


The dolls were a big hit. I had already sold half of them before I even made it to the market that afternoon after showing pictures on the blog!
I'm already planning on whipping up another batch in time for Valentine's day. So many of you have e-mailed about ordering one that I'm planning on having more available soon. Just probably not before Christmas. bummer. So if you are interested, stay tuned because I'll announce it before I stock the shop so you can be ready if you want one because they go fast!


Will so wisely suggested that I make some sort of business card for the sewing classes to take with me, smart cookie that he is. And I'm glad I listened because I handed out quite a few of these as well.

I have a few aprons and zippered pouches left that I hope to post on here tomorrow in case any of you are interested in gifting them to somebody for the holidays. Everything else either sold that day or have been spoken for since. Yay!

And speaking of gifts for the holidays, I have two quick and easy tutorials to share with you in case you are still looking for something to give the ladies in your life this holiday season. :)

I will warn you now, if you are on my Christmas list, you need to look away.
resist the temptation to peek and just close your browser window now
do it right now or start practicing acting surprised when you open your gift from me in a few weeks

Ok, so the first idea is a jersey infinity scarf.


My sister was over here on Sunday taking pictures for a top secret project she has been working on that I hope to share with you all soon. While she was here, I snagged her "prop" to show you how cute this scarf is. And you won't believe how unbelievably easy they are to make.

Go to Joanns or Hobby Lobby, armed with one of their weekly 40% off coupons, and buy 2 1/4 (as in 2.25) yards of jersey in whatever color strikes your fancy. You will also want to buy thread that matches your fabric.

Once you get back home, cut your fabric into three long strips, roughly 15" x 80." Match the two ends that are 15" together and sew a french seam. If you don't know what a french seam is, just check out this tutorial.

Seriously, they take all of 2 minutes to do. I took pictures to type out a tutorial myself, but this one says exactly what I was going to say, so just follow hers instead. Why reinvent the wheel?

In the time it takes you to cut three strips of fabric and then sew 3 french seams, you will have three darling jersey infinity scarves to give to three of the ladies on your list. (Or two if you end up keeping one of these scarves for yourself.)


Ok, next gift idea is for those of you who don't sew, or for those of you who need an inexpensive idea because you are buying for a lot of ladies. How about a pair of these cute rose earrings?


On your next trip to Michael's, pick up the following:


A pack of earring studs and backs, a strong adhesive, one piece of cute card stock (cut into smaller pieces) and some of these rose cabochons.


They come in a package like this, except the colors aren't mixed. They are either all blue, or pink, or green, etc. I had already used half of both packages and combined them for the picture.

They come in lots of fun colors! And at $3.99 for a pack of 16, you can't help but pick up several different colors. You can also find them on etsy, which is what I originally did for the first ones I made. But then a smart friend found some at Michael's, so now we know you can buy them at your local craft store!

Now, I'm not sure if you can all handle the level of skill that is required to make these cuties.
Are you ready?


Just glue the earring backs to the back of the rose and let them dry for at least 24 hours.


Use a straight pin or needle to punch tiny holes in your cardstock where you want the earrings placed, and then secure your earrings to the card with the little metal backs.
Perfect as teacher gifts, high school girlfriends who have about 10 different people to buy for, the girls on your dorm hall, or stay-at-home mommies who want to look cute in their jeans and t-shirts!

Fun, cute, and most importantly, easy!


  1. golly! the earrings are super cute! :) now to find those flower embellishment in japan!! :)

  2. Cute ideas Mary Catherine! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can you post a link for these little flowers? I am trying to find them but I can't seem to, and this is a darling project I am dying to try.

  4. Hi ktlondon! You can find them online on etsy. Go to www.etsy.com and search for "cabochon rose." You can also find them at Micheals in the scrapbooking section. :)

  5. Alrighty, I did end up going back to Michaels, and this time I came prepared, I had my phone out ready to go with the page up to show the assistant what it was I was looking for. I wouldn't be able to find my head if it wasn't attached to my neck, so it was wonderful that they showed me. I bought tons! Once I get them set up in the cardstock they will be all set and ready to go, thank you again for sharing!
    Katherine (Katie)