Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Little, Two Little...

... Two little Indian girls.


On this very last day of November, let me share these Thanksgiving Indian pics before December begins and the Christmas season officially starts.


Nana and Grandaddy came for a visit last week and brought all kinds of fun goodies to craft with! When I came home I found two little Indian girls with feather headresses and papooses on their backs. :)


This was on Monday. The rest of the week, Caroline insisted on wearing her Indian attire EVERYWHERE we went.

to school
to Target
to the library
to Publix

There were quite a few Pocahontas sightings around town last week. She didn't understand why people were so friendly with her. She would say, "Mama, that lady wave a me!" or "Mama, why that man call me Pokie - hanus?"


I even found them busy in Anna Cate's room the next morning making some Indian headresses for Will and I so we could be Indians too.


Have I mentioned how much I love these ages of two and four?
They are so much fun right now.


Fun, and messy.
These were some pics I sneaked of them when it was suppose to be rest time.
Does it look like they were resting??


And yes, this room was clean before they went down for rest time.
No judgement please. It is impossible to keep this house straight. As soon as one room is picked up, another one is destroyed. It is a maddening battle to fight.


Yes you are busted little lady!

But now onto the holiday season. Apparently, I had a moment of temporary insanity last week and agreed to participate in a holiday market on December 8th.


Caroline has been busy helping me get ready. She irons and cuts my scraps of fabric while I stitch in a mad furry trying to get everything ready. I've also been busy working on another sewing project that may involve some of you that I hope to share SOON!
stay tuned!

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  1. Those sweet girls making curtain tents remind me of some other sisters I know! :) Love you all!