Thursday, November 10, 2011


We are so stinkin' excited around our house right now because somebody is learning to R E A D!


On Tuesday night after dinner, we were playing with our Scrabble board game. Anna Cate loves to put letters together and ask what word she made. She and Will were taking turns making words for each other and the light bulb just totally clicked! I could actually see it in her eyes...all of the sudden she understood that the letters make sounds that make words and she could figure it out on her own.


Talk about a rush! It was our very own little Helen Keller moment. ;)
She was giggling and squealing, which made Caroline start giggling and squealing. Miss Carrie is lending us some of Reece's Bob Books to practice and they are wonderful.


Is this a "d" or a "b"?
I can't remember...?


Silly me... of course!
The letter "d"!


Can you tell she is just a little bit proud of herself?

I am so proud of her too and swept up with her excitement and wonder at her new big girl talent.
ac reading

But a big part of me also misses this little lady and I find myself wondering where in the world have these four years gone?
*sniff sniff**

Here is a quick clip, although if you aren't a grandparent, it may be more like watching paint dry. ;)


  1. So cute!! That brings back memories of my kindergarten days--it's always so exciting when they "get it"! What a smart girl!