Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art & Literature - Miss Lina's Ballerinas

Just popping in to share this fun art project that Anna Cate and I worked on this summer that I am just now getting around to sharing! Each day of the week we have a different activity (library day, baking day, etc) and Art & Literature is one of our weekly events. The girls and I read a book and then work on a corresponding art project, thus the name Art & very sophisticatedly collegiate of us! ;) he he

I found the inspiration for this project on Pinterest from a tutorial on ballerina paper dolls via The Crafty Crow. We used a different book from her suggestion, but I think the end result was just as stellar. Even if you don't make the ballerinas, this book is precious! It comes very highly recommended from the three of us (and you can also use it to teach rhymes, counting by twos & threes, and the art of practicing hospitality)

miss lina

Ok, enough teacher talk, and onto the project...


I didn't take pictures because you can already find the tutorial here.
Anna Cate's little ballerinas turned out super cute and it was a project she really enjoyed working on. I made a set of ballerinas too, but I'm not sure where they ended up... I think Caroline may have "danced" them to death.

Anna Cate's ballerinas now grace her memo board in her room and are quite precious! Maybe I can get my act together to share more of our Art & Literature projects. If anybody has suggestions on a great pairing of a book & art project I'm all ears!

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