Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Share or Not to Share?

That is the question.
I love the idea of the girls sharing a room; giggling, sharing secrets, and creating sweet memories of their years here together in our house. In my mind, it looks something like this:


But in reality, now that Caroline is in a big girl bed, there isn't much space left in their room, not to mention their closet. The bedrooms in our house were definitely intended for only one person.

With both girls in one room, the setup is very similar to this picture: a pair of twin beds with a dresser in the middle. But that is all there is room for.

And don't even mention nap time. The one afternoon that I allowed them to nap in the same room, no one had a nap. They were mousely quiet for about 45 minutes and I thought they were sleeping until I heard four little feet jumping off of a bed and onto the floor. When I opened the door, I found the room was a total disaster and they were both wide awake. So for now, Anna Cate has to rest in a seperate room.

We have a playroom and three children bedrooms in our house and it seems silly to have two empty bedrooms, while the girls are literally squeezed into one bedroom together.
So for all these little reasons, it makes the most sense to put them each in their own room except for one really big reason.

They love being together.

Some nights when we check on them, we find Caroline curled up in Anna Cate's bed, fast asleep holding hands with her big sister.
Be still my beating mama heart.

I'm trying to decide what we are going to do so I can either decorate their room with matching bedding or seperate them and decorate their own rooms individually to their personalities.

Did anybody share a room with a sibling growing up and if so, did you enjoy it? Or would have preferred to have your own space?


  1. Well, let's see... until I was about 3 1/2 I shared a room with my sweet big sister who would sing me to sleep at night and I loved it! So much that when we split up, I would drag my blankets into her room to camp out on the floor! :) I love you and those sweet, sweet girls!

    And, for Anna Cate, I have to say I vote for a bunk bed if you decide to keep them in the same room! You know she'd LOVE that first picture! :)

  2. Amy and I always had our own rooms, but we slept together at night until we moved into the new house, I was in 5th grade and Amy in 3rd. I believe she still wanted to sleep with me, but I was a big girl then!

  3. My sister and I shared when we were little...then we moved to a bigger house and had our own rooms - BUT we still ended up sleeping in each others rooms at night :) I love the idea of bunk beds too! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with their rooms!!

  4. Why don't you decorate one of the girls' rooms with two twin beds, but still have seperate rooms for them? That way, when they are feeling like they need each other, there's a place for one to sleep. I only have the one daughter and STILL wanted to decorate with two twin beds just because I love the look. And with that, Anna Cate or whoever's room has the two beds, can still have her own closet and own dresser (especially since there's only room for one in your closets). Same if later down the line one of the girls has a friend sleep over, etc. Good luck!

  5. My boys have shared a room but when we moved we separated them into their own rooms. Even though they have their own spaces, they still chose to sleep in the same room together. We have bunkbeds in our older son's room. The boys are now in 1st and 3rd grade and love being together but it is great to have their individual rooms during the day for some needed separation.

  6. Share! More rooms for more babies!

  7. Does anyone know who makes that white bunk bed? I really want it and haven't had luck finding it