Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ballerina Girl

She woke up bright and early this morning, so excited that "today I am a ballerina girl!" She had her dance clothes on by 7:30 am and asked about every 15 minutes if it was time to leave for ballet class.

A very sweet (and brave!) lady from our church is teaching ballet to the girls on Wednesday afternoons during her lunch break at work. A friend and her husband graciously arranged for these sweet little girls to meet for class downtown in his photography studio and the setup was perfect!

The studio was divided by a curtain, which the moms and younger siblings stayed behind during class, so the girls could listen to the instruction without distraction. I didn't get any shots during the actual class, but we did set up our video cameras to record the action and it was hilarious to watch once we were home!
All of Anna Cate's clothes were too big (even though I bought an XXS) and kept sliding off her shoulders. Maybe if I wash them and throw them in the dryer they will shrink?

Of course, Caroline had to put on some ballerina clothes too!

Her nervous face

Is there anything sweeter than little girl ballerinas? It was about all I could stand to see these sweet friends in there little leotards and skirts!! :)



"So Callie, when you think the big girls are gonna let us join in too?"

This picture is too sweet not to include with the group! Two of the five little sisters who came with the big girls today.


  1. This post just makes my heart sing! What beautiful little girls and great memories I have of those days!

  2. Oh Mary Catherine, this is precious! It reminds me when you and I were ballerinas together all those years ago!

  3. Lil! I thought the same thing! Such sweet girls! Love it!

  4. So sweet. I have been sad lately thinking Campbell is growing up so fast because she is changing so much. This made me excited for the day she starts dance class and the fun things that come with age! Kiss those sweet girls for me. I want to see you guys SOON!