Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vintage Nursery Inspiration

Vintage Nursery
A sweet friend is expecting baby boy #3 and is currently working on an vintage styled nursery. A few months ago, she asked if I had any ideas to share for pulling the nursery together on a budget. She has already picked out the cutest elephant fabic to make the crib bedding with, but I couldn't get ebay to share the picture with me to add to the collage.

I sent her all my ideas back in October, but I just found this set that I had created on Polyvore for her and forgot to send her several months ago, so I thought I'd share it now with everybody. :) IF we ever have a boy, I will most definitely be pulling ideas from this. But sometimes I have the feeling that we'll be one of those families with 3 or 4 girls!!! And that is ok with me too, but I'd really really love a little boy to add to the mix.

In case anybody else is interested, you can go here to see more ideas I pulled together for her. Happy Decorating!! :)

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