Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We have a winner!

Thank you for all of the suggestions!
Amber left a comment with a link to this quilt. I love it! It is the perfect blend of pops of color with a white background and thought I had found the perfect design until...
Amy Butler Coin Quilt

...I browsed through her other quilts and found this one:
Circles and Waves quilt

This is not at all the traditional quilt I had in mind when I started this project, but the circles make me smile! How could you not enjoy giggling with your sister snuggled under one of these? It also sounds much easier to make which is good considering #1) I'm making two of them, #2) don't have much time, and #3) I have no clue what I'm doing!

When I have more time to focus on a "real" quilt, I want to make the first one pictured above.

So thanks to all of you who offered your opinion, both on the blog and in person! :)
I'll be sure to share the end result and the tutorials I've found online to help me with putting them together.
On another note, our computer is in the shop so I only have access to Will's work laptop at night once he is done using it for work. I hope to have time to post some pictures tomorrow of what all we've been up to!

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