Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm sorry, what?

Was today really just the first day of December and where did November go?

We attempted Christmas card pictures this afternoon and I absolutely love this one. Caroline's expression represents exactly how I feel:


"Wait just a minute! It's already time for Christmas??
I'm not ready! I think I'll sit down and have a good cry about it."

I'm no where near as ready for Christmas as I was this time last year. My goal was to have all my shopping done and have something special planned for us to do each day of December. I'm having to let go of my expectations and realize that the Advent season is not about some perfectly organized schedule of holiday celebrations, but about preparing our hearts for the arrival of the savior.

It hit me today, right after I had a tearful meltdown during naptime, that I'm trying to get it all together so that I can enjoy the holiday season.

Jesus calls us to him just as we are.

Why do we strive for holiday grandur and feel like we have to plan some big production to make Christmas meaningful and special? We rush around trying to find the perfect gift to give, forgetting that it has already been given and that is the reason we celebrate.


Did Christ not say that he came for the lost sheep of Isreal? For those who are struggling, who are hurt, and who are drowning in imperfection? We don't have to get it all together before we come to him and the same should be true about preparing for His birth.

So I'm boycotting the holiday season this year. At least in the traditional sense of high expections of the perfect holiday celebrations.

Our decorations are still up in the attic and may have to stay there another week. We did manage to bring in a branch from outside for our Jesse tree, but it still stands bare. We missed the first couple of nights of readings and
that. is. ok.

We will play our Christmas music, ride around to look at twinkly lights, and bake and craft to our hearts' content,
this season I'll choose to cling to the silence and holiness of the night. To be still and quiet so that I'm not too busy to notice his arrival and to marvel at the miracle of Christmas that already is when we don't try too hard to create the magic ourselves.


  1. i feel the same way! I think I need the Jesse tree right now way more than Ava does :) We've caught up on the readings, but ava doesn't really pay attention :)
    Caroline's expression is a perfect picture of how i feel right now too :)
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Mary Catherine, that was an amazing way to put exactly how I'm feeling this year. Thank you for sharing, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

  3. This is beautiful Mary Catherine :) I love reading your blog and keeping up with you over the internet. You are such a beautiful representation of a woman who loves Christ so much, and I love that even though we're a long way from my being in your small group, the Lord is still using you as an influence on my life, showing me things I need to work on. So thanks :) I hope I get to see you over break!