Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fluffing for Fall

The weather is finally hinting that fall temperatures are on the way, so the girls and I have had fun this week seeing how we could cozy up the house on a budget.

fall fluffing4
Basket of apples and pumpkins on a burlap table runner. And let me recommend these yummy candles, Pumpkin Spice, from Wal-mart. They smell scrumdiddlyumptous! (and I usually don't like any other scent than plain old vanilla)

fall fluffing2
Do you know how ridiculously expensive wreaths can be?!? I was shocked when I saw the price tags for $60 - $100 in Hobby Lobby!
...on to plan B...
We made this one with some burlap, fabric scraps, and a straw wreath from the thrift store for under $8.00. And I LOVE it more than anything I found in the stores. :) Used this tutorial as inspiration, but tweaked it to make our own.

fall fluffing3

fall fluffing5
With some branches from the yard, a few pumpkins, and flowers we gussied up the mantel. I'm not loving the flowers in the branches, but they needed a little something on them. I'm still looking for something else to put up there...

and oh yes, we painted our den. Not for fall, though the bluish-grey color definitely cozies the room up significantly.
fall fluffing6

Budget Breakdown:
bag of 5 small pumpkins- $2.78 Wal-mart
bag of 3 yellow pumpkins - $2.78 Wal-mart
2 medium sized pumpkins - $2.50 Wal-mart
2 pumpkin spice candles - $5.00 Wal-mart
1 1/2 yards of burlap - $3.00 Joanns
poly satin remnants for flowers - $1.00 Joanns
wreath from goodwill - $0.80 Goodwill
basket from goodwill - $1.00 Goodwill
1 bunch of fake flowers & leaves - $1.00 Dollar Tree
branches on mantel - free our yard :)
Grand Total = $19.86...just under our $20 budget!


And speaking of things for the home, this was delivered to my front door yesterday:

Carrie introduced me to this stuff a year ago. Not only does it smell devine, but it cleans like nobody's business! I haven't found any other natural cleaner that leaves my countertops and table shiny and smelling so dog-gone good. I'm serious, I'll look for things to clean in my house just so I can smell the stuff. :)
Target now carries the Caldrea line, but they don't offer the Sea Salt Neroli scent and I'm addicted to that particular scent. I finally broke down and bought a bottle of my very own and it arrived yesterday. I found it online at, and the bottle is $12.00 and will last you about a year. My package came with a $5 off code if anybody else is interested in ordering any. The first person to e-mail me gets the code. :) it would basically cover shipping
update: code has already been spoken for! but it is still a good deal without the coupon because this stuff lasts sooooo long.