Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cute in the Kitchen


How fun is this apron? And it is practical too because it is made out of a hand towel. I always get my kitchen towels dirty when I bake because I'm constantly wiping the batter and icing off my hands. Is it just me, or does anybody else get messy when baking? When I saw an advertisement for this precious apron in the June issue of Southern Living magazine, it was one of those, Genius! Why didn't I think of that? moments.

This is the third (and favorite) one I've made this summer and thought I'd pass along the idea because they would make super cute Christmas presents (and they take very little time to sew.) The bottom is a hand towel (Target and Wal-mart have some fun colors in stock right now) and the top ruffle part is made with 1/4 yard of fabric. Attach two ties to both sides at the top and finish it up with some fun ribbon and trim.

And what I made wearing them is even cuter! But I'll save that for tomorrow...

update: I checked my magazine to find out what page the apron was featured on. I stand corrected! It was the JULY issue of Southern Living and it is featured on page 19 in the Made by Southern Hands section. If I can find time, I'll try to work up some sort of quick tutorial for those of you who want to sew one up too!


  1. was it IN the magazine or an ad in the magazine? can i ask what page #?
    it looks great!

  2. So cute! I'd love to make some of these for Christmas presents. Any chance you'd have time to post instructions for us sewing-challenged girls?

  3. I will be making one of these next week!!!!!!!

  4. yes, please post a tutorial! i want to make some!

  5. I saw that in the magazine too and keep wanting to make one!

  6. MC! I want to make these as Christmas gifts so please post a tutorial when you have a free moment (whenever that may be!)