Monday, August 9, 2010

Happily Ever After


We are recovering from a whirlwind summer of wedding planning, parties, and bridal showers. Charlee and Robbie were married this past Saturday and started their Happily Ever After!

It was a beautiful wedding and I had grand plans for taking pictures all day. Unfortunately, this was one of the only pictures I had time for on Saturday, but it is my favorite. Anna Cate was a fabulous flower girl and didn't know what to do with herself with all weekend. She loved every minute of the dressing up and playing out the cinderella fairy tale. To top it all off, she got to dance with her daddy all night long and never left the dance floor once we got to the reception! Hopefully we will have more pictures from the photographer to share soon!


  1. What a beautiful picture, and a beautiful day! Congratulations again to Charlee and Robbie. I hate we didn't get to catch up, but we will catch up when life slows down for us both. Enjoy the dwindling days of summer and your sweet girls!

    Talk soon,

  2. that picture is priceless! so special!