Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beach Pictures

As soon as our suitcases were unpacked Friday afternoon, we headed to the beach to stick our toes in the sand.

Will has We have a "no bikini" rule, but I found the most adorable bathing suit pattern in a recent issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine and couldn't resist making a matching pair for the girls! I promised Will I would only use them for pictures and then they would be put up for the rest of the summer. He said they were ok because they didn't really look like bikinis. Whew! :) Anna Cate loves her bathing suit and calls it her green "teenie." Hilarious!

I wanted to get a picture of each girl as they walked onto the beach and felt the sand between their toes for the first time this summer.

Anna Cates was an old pro...

...but you can see how far Caroline got before she noticed something felt different.

She would take a couple of steps ...

...and then look down at her feet.

"Caroline, what do you think of the sand?"

This look of mixed confusion and disgust.

She warmed up to the sand after a few minutes and then had no problem being covered in it for the rest of the week. And I do mean from head to toe and everything in between!

Anna Cate lived in her pink sunglasses all week and looked like a little diva walking around the pool with her shades on. There was a group of ladies who we'd see each morning at the pool who called her "Miss Hollywood."

Love this picture of Anna Cate holding Caroline's hand by the water.

Oh to have eyes so blue, cheeks so rosy, and lips so red. I know I'm biased because she is my baby girl, but she has the most beautiful coloring. Wonder if that hair is going to stay red?

And is this not the most hilarious look that Caroline is shooting the camera? It is a typical Caroline expression...priceless!!

I learned what a little dare devil we have on our hands. Caroline has absolutely no fear of the ocean. She loves to sit in the surf and let the waves wash onto her. She happened to get a little too brave one evening...

Before the wave:

And after:

We had a wonderful week away relaxing with family and playing in the sun and sand!


  1. Your girls are beautiful! Summer looks so nice there - it is winter in Oz at the moment and I can't wait til we have lovely beach weather again!

  2. what great pictures!
    love the girls' bikinis and that last picture of caroline after the wave. precious! :-)

  3. those matching suits are too cute! love it!

  4. Precious! Yeah, we have a no babies in bikinis rule, too. Well, mainly it's my mom's rule. But those little suits are too cute not to wear the rest of the summer! Those don't count as bikinis!! I love little baby girls in bloomers, no top and a hat out on the beach. My mom does, too. But no bikinis. Go figure. :)

  5. Your girls are ADORABLE mc!
    -Anne Spencer

  6. I just had a baby girl and I will also have the no bikini rule ... but those bikini's are ADORABLE! I soooo want one! too cute, great job!