Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ready or Not

It's that time again! She's been giving me all the signs. Hold on to your hats folks, its going to be a bumpy ride. We are going to start POTTY TRAINING!!!!!!

She's Ready...

I'm Not.

Pottery training is the one thing I've encountered thus far in parenting that I have not enjoyed. I started potty training Anna Cate the day after her first birthday. She was cloth diapered and had started to take her diapers off when they were wet. It has been a different story with Caroline. Cloth diapering didn't work out so great with her for several different reasons. And using disposable diapers has been bliss. I'm selfishly not ready to deal with the messiness and accidents of potty training and I've come up with some really great reasons all summer for delaying the inevitable. I'm out of excuses. Yesterday Caroline brought me a clean diaper from her room and signed "please" because she needed to be changed. Ok, little one, I hear you loud and clear!

We are prepared and ready to start:

Basket full of books on the potty? Check!

Training pants? Check!

Eager and excited big sister to help? Check!

Ready or we go!


  1. wow! i can't believe how big they both have gotten! I love AK's LONG hair :)

  2. Wow! I'm impressed--I haven't even considered it yet with Grayson. He has no clue--and doesn't seem to care!

  3. Oh my...not looking forward to potty training the second one. Just the thought makes me a little dizzy! Good luck!