Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday to You

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one pretty much sums up the week we've had around our house.
So glad the weekend is finally here!!

I found this rather funny quote last night on a card from a friend as I cleaned out some old boxes I still have from college:

No one ever has it "all together." That's like trying to eat "once and for all." Marilyn Grey

That may be true, but as I struggle (in vain) to get it all together, Caroline is trying her best to eat once and for all. My how this child can put away the baby food, cheerios, and Ritz crackers!

Thanks to everybody who has e-mailed about the sewing workshop. The class on February 20th is full and I had so many people interested that we now have a full class for March as well! Needless to say, I had no idea how popular this was going to be and wasn't near organized enough when I first announced it last weekend. I'm hoping to get some more dates on the calendar for some more beginner classes, and will hopefully have those dates to share at the first of next week.

Hope everybody has a fabulous weekend!


  1. oh my...that is hysterical! LOVE those "moments"!

  2. That is hilarious!!!! She is too cute!

  3. Thanks for the response to my email! I'll look forward to the tutorial! Don't stress if you can't get to it this week! :) Here is a link to my blog with pictures of the farm house. We don't live there yet!

  4. Really just love your blog Mary Catherine! Hope y'all are all well. I was wondering if you would do a post of applique ideas. I know how to applique but get stuck on WHAT to applique. I did a cupcake for Lydda Grace's first birthday dress and I think that's all I've done! I'm wanting to do some little ruffly skirts and appliqued shirts for spring. Hope your sewing class goes well, what a great idea!!