Monday, January 25, 2010

Cheap Thrills


Several weeks ago, I discovered a wonderful & magical place. A place where my children are entertained with rides, popcorn, and stickers. A place that is quiet and empty, where my talkative toddler can converse to her hearts content and my baby who squeals (constantly) without warning won't disturb other shoppers.

It is called the Home Depot and it has become my new best friend.

I don't know why, but I've always been a Lowes girl. However, this bathroom project has caused me to venture out of my comfort zone and visit the OTHER hardware store in town and I'm a total convert. For any other moms out there who are at their wits end pent up indoors with cold winter weather, get yourself to your local Home Depot.

The employees are so helpful and friendly and the store is fairly empty during the weekdays. I have never been brave enough to steer one of those car buggies in the grocery store, but I let Anna Cate try one a few weeks ago when we ran in to look at tile. She thinks it is an amusement ride and is giddy with excitement to ride around the aisles. And unlike Target, getting out of the house to walk around Home Depot won't hurt your pocketbook, unless of course you are remodeling a bathroom and then you best watch out. ;)

And speaking of the bathroom, we are STILL not finished. Will and Dad installed the tub, tiled the shower, tiled the floor, and have put up the bead board and other molding.

The project has now been passed over to me and I can honestly say, I'm overwhelmed. I think I've purchased (and returned) about 5 light fixtures, 3 sink faucets, and have yet to start looking for mirrors. I did start painting the bead board this afternoon while the girls napped.


This picture is the first night the girls got to take a bath in their new tub. Anna Cate loves how deep it is. She thinks it is a swimming pool!
Caroline: "Thanks Dad, this is great!"

Another reason the bathroom is moving so slowing is because I have several other projects I'm also working on at the same time (on top of trying to keep the house straight, keep 4 tummies full, everybody in clean clothes, and 2 little ones happily entertained). And I'm excited to announce that for one of these projects, I got to purchase my very first power tool!!

Ok, it is really just a staple/nail gun. I am a weenie and couldn't use my dad's because it is too hard to push, so I bought my own electric one.


You may be able to tell from the picture what I'm working on, but I don't want to reveal anymore until the project is done, which will hopefully be by the end of this week...

I've also been working on pulling ideas together for several of the requests/questions some of you have sent, so if you are still waiting on those...I promise to post them by tomorrow! Thanks for being so patient. I know it is going on 2 weeks now! :)


  1. I am so glad you are back...I so missed the girls! I know you have been busy...can not wait to see the bathroom I know it will be great...Love you guys, Aunt Kelly

  2. The bathroom is looking great! Don't you just love having a fresh, new tub and floor that is YOURS!!! I can't wait to see the finished bathroom and all the projects you have yet to reveal!

  3. I laughed out loud at Anna Cate's face in the first picture. Pure joy! :)

  4. No lie, I was just thinking about ya'll the other day and was wondering if you had taken the girl to Home Depot since the weather has been so bad! lol :) I agree with Aunt Kelly, I've missed the post. Talk to you soon, love you!