Thursday, February 23, 2012

little love necklace

We usually don't give big valentine's around here, but I like to have something sweet and thoughtful for the girls to find at their place at the breakfast table on valentine's day. Both girlies are very into wearing jewelry right now, but there isn't much that is made for children that doesn't sport a huge hello kitty, disney princess, or isn't completely gaudy.

When I saw this tutorial for felt hearts, I knew I had found the perfect inspiration for a little necklace for the girls. I didn't take pictures for a tutorial, but this was the end result:


Very sweet!
I think you could easily adapt the idea to make a precious strawberry necklace for summer or a cupcake with beads for sprinkles. With wool felt, the possibilities are endless! :)

I already had the felt and embroidery floss in my craft supplies, so I only needed to buy the actual necklace to put the charm on. I found it in Wal-mart's craft section and it came as one long 80 inch strand with four clasps included. Just cut the strand down to the size you need and attach the clasps.
The flower was stitched onto the heart using tiny french knots, before I sewed the heart together and stuffed it with a little fluff.
Needless to say, the girls LOVE their new necklaces and I love that our morning's are now battle free over what jewelry I'll let them wear out of the house.

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  1. It's so sweet! And what a sweet tradition that you are doing with your girls! :)

    P.S. I like your side bar comment about blogs not always being like real's a lot messier than our camera's often show,right?!