Sunday, February 12, 2012

hearts, glitter, and sprinkled marshmallows on a stick

Seeing as Valentine's day is just a day away, we'll skip over all I've missed the past few weeks and talk about all things pink and red for today. Maybe I'll find time to sneak the rest of January in before we get much further into February...


Friday afternoon we transformed our kitchen table into a Hallmark card studio and busied ourselves with glitter, paper, glue, and scissors. We had quite a few cards to make and I was tickled at the different designs the girls came up with all on their own! See that heart ladybug down below? Completely all Anna Cate's idea! :) and I love Caroline's glitter splattered heart proudly sitting next to it.


We also picked up some fun sprinkles at Target and a bag of giant marshmallows at Wal-mart to try something I had pinned on Pinterest for Anna Cate to take to school on Tuesday for her classmates when they exchange valentines.


If you are still looking for an idea, try this one because they came together so quickly and easily, and the end result is so fun and cute!


:: Stick a jumbo marshmallow on a lollipop stick
:: Melt chocolate chips and a small dollop of Crisco (to make it shiny) in the microwave
:: Dip 1/2 of marshmallows in chocolate
:: Sprinkle with some colorful "confetti"


My taste testers tell me they are as yummy as they are cute!
(And after the chocolate has dried, you can bag them individually in little celophane bags found in the party planning section at wal-mart.)


We've also been enjoying some Valentine Bingo with a freebie printable I found on One Charming Party. We've been using conversation hearts as our game pieces and it has been a big hit with the girls (as well as great practice reviewing our numbers from 1 to 25!)


And for those of you who have inquired about dolls, I have an update! I know I promised another batch for Valentine's day. I made 18 and sold them all last week to the people who were still on the waiting list from the first batch in December. I didn't even get a chance to put them up for sale here before they were all sold. I'm already working on another batch so if you are interested, please contact me and I'll add your name to the list too to receive the e-mail notifying you when they are ready! (
As a random side-note, I made my first doll to give Anna Cate on her first Valentine's day and I can not believe that was four years ago.

Hope you have fun celebrating all of the loves in your life tomorrow!

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