Thursday, October 28, 2010

Around Here

It seems that when life gets busy, the blog is the first thing to suffer. Sorry I've been so scarce around here. I have a mental list of about 12 different things I want to blog about, but haven't found the time. I saw this somewhere on another blog the other day and thought it was a fun (and easy!) way to share some of the things I would love to write about if I had more time.

on my windowsill...
on my...
Scripture memory cards made using this tool and found via A Holy Experience. It makes memorizing so much easier and helps me better use all of that time I spend at the kitchen sink!

on my walls... (for those of you who have asked)
on my2
Hidden Peak by Behr, although it is much less blue and more gray in person. Our den doesn't get a ton of natural light so it stays darkish during the day. If if were up to me, I'd live in a house flooded with natural light all day long and have white paint on all the walls (it would also be a walk from the beach and filled with about 6 children, but yada yada yada, it isn't all up to me.) I have brought more paint samples home trying to find a good color for over two years now.
Seriously, the paint man at Home Depot probably thinks we have about 20 rooms in our home as often as I'm bringing home samples! He knows the girls and I on a first name basis, yes really, it is that bad.
Will wanted me to just embrace the darkness and paint it a darker color. We had read somewhere that no matter how bright you paint a dark room, it will never look bright so just go ahead and make it cozy and dark. Will was set on a dark blue color and in a desperate attempt to prove him wrong and hush the debate, I brought home a this paint sample just to show him how bad it would look. Wouldn't you know, he was right??!?! It actually does look better a darker color. :)

on my countertop...

and in my oven...
on my4

on my sewing machine...
A thrifted skirt we are currently transforming into an Aerial costume. You will never, and I do mean ever, guess how much this skirt cost to begin with! (more to come after Halloween...)

on my walk...
so many of the old farmhouses and barns that I love around where we live have recently been put for sale or already sold. Then, one of the old houses down the street burned down a few weeks ago and a crew came out on Monday to clear the debris. Now there is just an empty lot sitting where history once stood. It makes my heart heavy every time I drive by. :(

also on my walk...
another empty lot, but this one makes my heart happy. It is my most favorite spot to look at the lake. It has a gorgeous view of the water, the picture does not do it justice. If somebody doesn't build on it soon, I'm going to pitch a tent and live there until they do!

on my porch...
our little family of pumpkins

on my bedside table...
I stayed up last night until 2 am reading because it is so good. I can not put it down!!

on the girls' bedside table...
Last winter we read through all of the Little House books. This spring and summer we've read through many other children's literature classics, but Anna Cate doesn't love any of the them the way she loves her "Laura books." We are starting back at the beginning again and I don't know who is more excited, me or her!

on my heart...
My sweet girls.
Specifically, mothering both my girls in way that they will grow up to be strong women of faith and be equipped to be "keepers of their homes."

in my dvd player...
Wowza! Charlee gave me this workout DVD this summer and I regret to say that I've just started to use it. It is only 20 minutes long, but I am as sore after I've done this workout as I am from the full hour workout at the Firm.

These two chickadees keep me motivated. Anna Cate loves to exercise along with me and asks me every day when we are going to do our workout. :) And of course, Caroline has to do everything Anna Cate does, so they both bounce and jump around the room while I'm trying to focus on the video. Also notice the toilet paper rolls in their hands. These are their dumbells! :)

That is all for now, but I have so much swirling around in my head I hope to be back soon!


  1. MC -- love the pictures on your blog. What a neat glimpse into your life. I also LOVED The Help, I just finished it this week, and was the exact same way .. staying up late because I couldn't put it down! Also, I have that Jillian DVD, and you are right, it is a definite kick-in-the-pants. Glad you and your family are well!!

  2. Hey Mary Catherine! Ashley and I were just talking about paint colors :) Always so hard to make a final decision! Guess the good thing about paint is that it really is never final. LOVE your walls...the color looks great!

  3. I just found your blog by chance :) How crazy! I was searching for ruffle bottom onesies because my sweet baby #2 is on the way and will be a little girl. Braylie Grace will make her arrival late in December. When I was searching your blog came up and I just happened to click on it. :) Your girls are super adorable and I can't wait to make some ruffle bottome onesies!

  4. Thank you so much for the Scripture Memory Tool!! I can't wait to start putting this to use in my own life!

    Keep reading The Help - it is one of the greatest books. Have you read Water for Elephants?? If not, you will probably enjoy that. My girlfriends and I agree that if you like The Help you will love Water for Elephants.