Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Sneakup

This happens about 20 times a day around our house right now. Both girls will be happily playing together and Anna Cate will get a sudden urge to smother Caroline in a big bear hug. She will run over to her, gritting her teeth saying, "I love you lil pluffy pluffy pluffy" (translation: I love you little Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy) and crash into her like a big wave.

We never know what to expect. Sometimes Caroline squeals with delight, but other times she has a very different reaction.

I just happened to capture this phenomenon the other day as it occurred while I was trying to get a picture of Caroline.

Look out Caroline!!
Here she comes - gritting her teeth with hands ready for attack.

A startled look of shock and dismay.


As soon as the attack occurred, it is over and she is left in tears and mad as a hornet. Oh if only pictures came with sound and you could hear how loudly this child can wail. Or maybe she is crying because it looks like a little rat ran through the back of her hair!!!


  1. Charlie and I are laughing so hard right now...I heart your blog!

  2. I laughed right out loud at this post. I am Stacy a blog stalker of yours. Not sure how I made it here. Anyways, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and we have this same problem like a million times a day as well. They either hate each other or the big one loves the little one a bit too much!