Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just for Fun

If I had the time, these are just a few of the projects swirling around in my head that I'd love to tackle. However, because I have neither the time nor the resources to devote to these following endeavors, I thought I could at least share them with you all here in hopes that it will inspire someone to creativity!

girls room
simple and just sweet enough to be girly without being frilly

shower curtain
I've been looking for a shower curtain for the girls' bathroom for over a year. The standard size doesn't come down long enough to touch the floor and it looks like the shower is wearing a pair of capris. Drives me cRazY!
I found this shower curtain and loved the bold stripes. It looks like it could be a fairly easy project with several yards of coordinating fabrics, but is it too graphic for their bathroom? Hmmmm....

(can't find the source for this picture)
Sweet little linen ruffle dress for the girls.
Would be too cute for beach pics this summer!
Just add a ruffle to the front of an A-line dress and add the buttons to the back, instead of on the shoulder.

And in keeping with the ruffles, I love to make this sundress for myself. You could easily adapt a strapless dress pattern to make this by adding a couple of ruffles and some elastic around the top.
Seersucker or linen?
I can't decide, but definitely would like to find the time to try to make one...

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Thought this little red and white polka dot number was darling too! It would take a lot more pattern tweaking than the first one, but I loooove the bow.

Can you tell I'm in a ruffle mood? Love this little clutch. Have had it in my inspiration files for two years now waiting to make as Christmas presents, but haven't used the idea yet. Would be cute in a bright floral fabric for the summer.

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And speaking of summer, this is certainly something I'd love to tackle over the next few months. We have a wonderful group of friends and I'd love to host an outdoor dinner party this summer to celebrate our friendship. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than dining under some twinkling lights by the lake, while enjoying a glass of wine with some really special couples.

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If I really had some extra time (and extra moula!) I'd love to host a crafting retreat. Off the top of my head I can already think of about 10 girls I would love to invite. Some are long time friends, and some are people I am just getting to know, but I can tell that all of them love a good crafting project from their blogs. I think it would be oh so fun!

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And to really splurge, I'd host the getaway here.
But then we may not want to craft. We might get so relaxed and just sit around chatting, enjoying some much needed girl time.

Or maybe if I would just stay off the internet, I'd have a lot less ideas in my head and a lot more time on my hands!


  1. love the shower curtain. And the crafting retreat sounds like a blast :)

  2. If you host a crafting retreat- I would LOVE to come!!

  3. Just thought I would say "hi". Carrie gave me your blog addy for some fun sewing ideas and now I am hooked! I have already made a few things and have plans to make more. Thanks for sharing ideas...and oh yeah..we got to Radius too!