Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy with Friends!

Hannah and James (and Bert too!) were in town this week so we took the opportunity to all get the kiddos together for a playdate at the zoo!

Just look at this cutie! Does she not have the most amazing eyes? Darrell, you better watch out in about 15 years! ;)

This little stud muffin who is about to become a big brother in a few short weeks!

And these two silly monkeys.

Anna Cate's favorite animal to see:

We should have known better than to try to get a picture with all four of them:
This one was about the best we could do...

zoo pic
Seriously? No explanation is needed.


Then today, we had a few friends over for a little Valentine's day pizza party.
the yummy cupcakes AC helped me make this morning for dessert.

making her heart shaped pizza (that she doesn't eat).

Mmmmm...must be good!! :) Every other picture I snapped of Miss Carlysle this morning she was talking very expressively, with her hands. She is a mess and hands down the funniest toddler I have ever met.

Miss Mason looks like a little valentine herself with her pink shirt and bow!

And we are loving these things:

This time of year is so hard to find interesting things to keep AC entertained since we can't play outside. I bought a package of these at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon for $3.50 and we have played with them everyday for a week and haven't started to put a dent in the box yet.


They are fun AND a great learning tool. You can do all kinds of activities like patterns, addition & subtraction, grouping colors, etc. Not to mention they are quiet and clean. Two nice qualities to have in an afternoon activity while I'm trying to get dinner on the table! :)

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